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At Cup O’ Joe we are obsessed with the entire process of achieving the finest cup of coffee - from acquiring the best green Arabica beans from around the world–to roasting exclusively on gas-fired coffee roasters. All of the specialty coffees we offer are roasted by us, by hand, everyday.

Meet Rich and Tom, the two guys who make our beans happen.

Remember being a kid in science class, grumbling about how you’ll never use any of this stuff?

Hate to say it folks, but when you drink Cup O’ Joe coffee, you’re using all that “science stuff.”  Well, drinking it at least.

Everyday our master roasters (and resident scientists), Rich and Tom, brave breathing coffee bean dust to roast the best beans in Columbus.  And as you can see above, they do it happily.  (While it looks like a mere smirk, for Tom, that is a big smile.)

After roasting, we test the beans using an Agtron Spectrophotometer that uses near-infrared light to measure the color and consistency of all our roasts.

When a batch of beans comes out of the roaster, we take two samples, one whole bean and one ground, and measure each in the Agtron.  The resolution and accuracy of this coffee roast analyzer provides previously unobtainable quantification of the roasting process.     We chart this reading along with the roast time which allows us to maintain regular taste profiles.

Believe us, you can taste the experience of our master roasters in every cup of Cup O’ Joe coffee you drink.

If you’re looking for the top coffee connosieurs in Columbus, look no farther than Rich and Tom, the scientists behind our complex, fresh-roasted taste.

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  1. Doris J says:

    Cool! I love science and coffee. I definitely will be stopping in for a cup or two very soon!

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